Friday, July 19, 2013

i believe

i believe...
i can do all things through Christ who is my strength
courage means standing even when your knees are shaking
i am more than a conquerer

i believe...
wisdom is given every time we ask

i believe...
you reap what you sow
laughter is cheap medicine
happiness is an inside job

i believe...
Joy is a daily choice, a gift

i believe...
i am a child of God, so is everyone i meet
i am worthy of honor and respect {from myself & others}
love others as you love yourself includes loving yourself

i believe...
Jesus, family & friends {in that order}
being a mom is the most important job i will ever have
faith is the greatest gift we can give our children

i believe...
love covers a multitude of sins
nothing can separate me from His love

i believe...
it's about Him not me
He has a plan & it is good
Thy will not my will

i believe...
change is good

i believe..
every rainbow needs rain
streams can flow in the desert
great things take time

i believe...
all of creation praises the Creator
the mountains and hills burst into song
the trees of the field clap their hands
even the rocks will cry out His name

i believe...
art is your soul on display
colors are meant to be bright
patterns are made to be mixed

i believe...
everyone is creative


This was a real learning experience for me. I would love to hear from you, what do you believe?

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